Patch Update #3 (THE RAID UPDATE)


Hello everyone! So after a lot of feed back from the community we have decided to make a lot of changes to the raid system and how it behaves to ensure a fair experience for everyone involved. I know we added the system a while ago but we were waiting for all of our changes to go live and be finalized before we made patch notes about them. Here is a list of things that were fixed and, changed, and added since the previous patch.
  • Blocks of TNT will no longer come back on an island rebuild if they were blown up before hand.
  • Made the island rebuild command permission automatically enabled for the default "Member" island rank.
  • Reinforcement camps will now only spawn zombies on the same Y axis as the defense and their must be a available block for them to spawn on.
  • Added PvP arena under our spawn.
  • Newly created islands will now start with a 1 day shield. (Can be deactivated whenever)
  • Added a raiding timer. This timer is the amount of time you have to destroy a islands core. Once you destroy their core extra time will be added to this timer to allow you to loot it. At the end of the timer you will be teleported out and back to your island home. (Duration of the timer and extra time that is added is determined by the islands core level)
  • Added a cooldown to how often you can raid a specific island. You can now only raid a island once per day meaning if you already raided them it will block you from entering their safezone for 24 hours.
  • Added a chance based system when breaking a enemies resource blocks during a raid. Now as you break the resource blocks on a enemy island there is a chance of the block dropping or not. (This only affects resource blocks)

  • Fixed issue where some people could not open their ender chest.
  • Fixed hotbar exploit to all you to bypass the ender chest block blacklist.
  • Fixed saplings from growing into the unbuildable region of island structures such as the core and defenses.
  • Fixed issue where you could rename the skeleton on Sniper Towers and turn it into a vanilla skeleton rendering the defense useless.
  • Fixed explosions blowing up TNT cannons after every shot. They now should be invincible from explosions as long as you are using the TNT cannon from the grid.

I think that about wraps up everything that we have done since the last patch update we may have missed a few smaller things. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these changes please contact a staff member and we will get back to you ASAP! We thank everyone for all the feedback and support of the server and make sure to keep it coming!